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GeekyFuse Sample Packs **Limit 1 Per Household**

Sold out

You are purchasing a sample pack of GeekyFuse Woven Polyester Interfacing.
You will receive:  1 Yard x 42" of Soft GeekyFuse & 1 Yard x 42" of Firm GeekyFuse.

Due to limited quantities, this listing is LIMITED TO 1 PACK PER HOUSEHOLD.  Any orders containing more than 1 pack will be refunded.   **We will offer this as a pre-order in the near future**

Fusing Instructions:

  • Dry Heat
  • Iron:  Medium-High -or- Heat Press: 340°
  • Press 10-20 Seconds (fabric right side down, with interfacing on top)
  • Allow to cool completely before using.
**If using an iron, do NOT use an ironing motion.  Press firmly for 10-20 seconds in small sections until you've covered the entire fabric.**